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Client List
Creations In Progress
client list

Nelson J. Huang, D.M.D
Munal S. Salem, D.M.D.
Yogi Chen, D.M.D.
Yean Wu-Young, D.M.D.
Li-An Su, D.M.D.
J. Maria Hong, D.M.D.
Yin Hsu, D.M.D.
Zaher Hammoud, D.M.D.
Michael Tabbah, D.M.D.
Howard Lau, D.M.D.
Loren Wilson, D.M.D.
Reza M. Madani, D.M.D.
Tony Woo, Oral Surgeon
Oscar Ni, Optometrist
Yoursry Attia, D.M.D.
Buckminister Hotel
Rana Abood, D.M.D.
Al Khateeb, D.M.D.
Hikmat Hannawi, D.M.D.
Ray Hanna, D.M.D.

Complete Remodeling
Mr. Wang
Mr. Kuo
Mrs. Lai; Taipei, Taiwan
Mr. Li

Dr. Lin Addition
Dr. Zhang Addition
Mr. Kim Addition
Mrs. Lu Addition
Mr. Noh Addition
Mr. Cho Addition
Mrs. Yu Addition
Mr. Shiau Addition
Mrs. Yan Addition
Mr. Zhu Addition

Basements & Attics
Mr. Li Attic
Dr. Yee Basement
Dr. Wu Basement
Dr. Huang Basement
Dr. Minkara Basement
Dr. Lin Basement
Mr. Curran Basement
Dr. Weng-Long Lin Basement
Mr. Saotome Basement
Mr. Young Attic
Mr. Kim Attic

Decks & Porches
Dr. You Deck
Mrs. Lu Deck
Dr. Huang Porch
Mr. Paluzzi Deck
Mrs. Guo Siding & Painting
Mr. Chiang Kitchen
Mrs. Lee Kitchen
Mr. Frenette's Kitchen
Mr. Oakley Kitchen
Mr. Saotome's Kitchen/Baths
Mr. Jin Kitchen / Baths
Mr. Young Kitchen
Mr. Kwok Kitchen
Mr. Curtis Kitchen
Mr. Fournier Kitchen / Baths
Mr. Coughlin Kitchen
Mr. Alden Kitchen / Baths
Miss. Yu Kitchen
Mrs. Fung Kitchens / Bathrooms
Dr. Chan Town House Remodeling
Miss. Wong House Remodeling
Mrs. Cole Bathroom
Mrs. Lai Condo

Mr. Lai Bathrooms
Mr. Huang Bathroom
Mrs. Wall Bathroom
Dr. Yen Bathroom
Mrs. Chang Bathrooms
Mr. Quach Bathroom
Mr. Han Bathroom
Ms. Kim Bathrooms

Amherst Chinese Food
Shabu Village Restaurant
Chan-An Restaurant
Lin Garden Restaurant
Gill Restaurant

References and client testimonials are available upon request.
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